Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 0f 1001+

Play the correct tees.

I will admit that I have ignored this in the past. I wanted the "Full Test" of the course. Well what did this get me? Inflated scores, deflated confidence, and long, painful rounds. Why bother with that?

The easy way to figure out what tees to play from is from your previous low round. What was the yardage, what was the slope? Give yourself a chance at having a good time. Don't just try and kill yourself, especially when the course is full in front and behind you.

For those not afraid of a little arithmetic, take the average distance of your 5 iron and multiply it by 36. This will give you a maximum yardage that should be attempted.

Finally, for those who carry a USGA Handicap index then you should follow the guidelines set up by the course you are playing. With that said, if you find that your group is a mixed bag of skills and your not playing for big $$, then just pick a set of tees that doesn't overwhelm your partners.

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